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Christmas time is an absolutely unique moment. Always. Even in such a specific reality as we are dealing with today, giving presents is an integral part of the holidays. This is usually important when there are children in our homes. Everyone has a lot of duties at this holiday time, giving gifts should be a pleasure, but often it becomes a struggle with time combined with a series of unfortunate incidents, and all this takes place on the last day before Christmas Eve, where queues in shopping centers take unimaginable lengths. 

We decided to share our gift types with you. Charming, practical, beautiful items that just ask to be wrapped in paper, ribbon and put under the Christmas tree.

What's more, each of our proposals can be bought online. It is a great convenience in the current situation.


The cuddle toy Sofia

We know very well how important their plush friends are for our kids. The MariDolls brand presents a charming linen Teddy Bear with cotton filling. It will surely win the heart of every little girl.


A memory written by a thin line

Graphics of actual size (scale 1:1) adjusted to the length of your baby at birth. The drawing shows a baby lying sideways with a cute garland on its head.


MoiMili floor mat

The soft mat is a great addition to the child's room, which makes playing comfortable and pleasant. It can be used from an early age, roll around and play with toys. It provides comfort and safety. 


The Deer In A Circle sticker by Dekornik is a charming addition to a girl's room where every little lady can feel absolutely special. Girlish space can be complemented by a wall decoration from Dekornik available in several sizes. It is an alternative to classic wallpaper, which in many cases looks too heavy for small interiors. 

Wooden Little Lights lamp in the shape of a deer adds charm to any arrangement, what's more, it's a great gadget for the youngest, who feel insecure in a dark room. Little Lights lamps are equipped with a brightness regulator, so you can adjust the light intensity yourself. The lamp comes with a remote control, which can be used to turn on the product or set the intensity of light. With one click you can also set the timer - 30 min, 60 min or 90 min. After this time the lamp will switch off by itself.

LiLu wicker doll pram. A hand-made stylish stroller designed for children aged 1-5 years. It is extremely roomy, it can even accommodate a few dolls that will be comfortably waiting for play in a muslin blanket, mattress and pillow. 

LiLu casket with tassels. Everyone has their treasures and we have unique baskets to store them. Charming caskets are wonderful, ecological version of boxes to storage small items, that adds style and coziness to any arrangement.


With this post we would like to start the Christmas time in LiLu. We hope that despite difficult times we will provide you with some charm this holidays. Feel the wonderful atmosphere of beautiful Christmas days!

We also invite you to the next blog post with suggestions for gifts for a boy. It will appear very soon!

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