Prezentownik. Propozycje prezentów dla chłopców

Good morning! 

Today we are coming to you with the next part of our Christmas gift-guide, which presents a proposal of gifts for boys.  Gifts should please everyone, but we are also in favour of a practical approach to Christmas. Toys that land in the corner of a children's room after a few minutes may not be the best idea, right? 

To the point, here are our useful ideas: 

TOKI dog - cuddly toy from MariDolls

Toki is made of linen fabric. Dressed in checked cotton shorts. This cute cuddly toy will win the hearts of every little and slightly bigger boy. It can be handwashed at temperatures up to 30 degrees. It has a cotton filling.The Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class-I certificate is a guarantee of all safety standards. Recommended mainly for those who pay special attention to care for nature and ecology, the dog is a fully ecological product. 

LiLu pull cart

A healthy alternative to other toys. Handcrafted stylish cart for boys and girls aged 1-5 years. It is very capacious and accommodates various types of toys. It is also ideal for storing blocks or other small treasures. It is bought by parents expecting the highest standards for their children, consciously shaping their sense of aesthetics and uniqueness. It is an artistic handicraft with perfectly selected details. The cart is woven from Polish wicker by a small team of craftsmen who cultivate the tradition of their predecessors.

Memory written on the thin line of the Birth-Metric 6.1

Graphics of actual size (scale 1:1) adapted to the length of your baby at birth. The label shows the baby in a baseball cap and it’s the perfect memory gift for the boy and his parents. 

The Plane In A Circle sticker by Dekornik is a charming way of making any space more attractive. Perfect for the room of small explorers curious about the world. The sticker is available in several sizes, it is an alternative to classic wallpaper, which sometimes may seem too heavy for small rooms.

Wooden Little Lights lamp in Diplodocus shape. This lamp is the perfect addition to the room of a fan of dinosaurs and prehistory. Dino lamp will create a unique atmosphere while playing together and reading to sleep. From now on, one of the biggest dinosaurs in history, can protect your children.

LiLu wicker casket with pompoms

Every little explorer needs space for his treasures! It is ideal for storing small toys. Wicker caskets also shape the child's sense of aesthetics, being an alternative to omnipresent metal and plastic. Two casket sizes and thirteen colours make it possible to fit into any interior and place. Eac

h of them is a unique handicraft, so there are no two identical pieces. 

Patchwork pillow Blue Drops

The pillow was made and sewn from high quality linen. Colorful fabric will cheer up your toddler's bed. The pillow is filled with a high-quality, anti-allergic silicone ball. It can be easily washed in the washing machine, the insert does not lose its fluffiness and elasticity. A charming and extremely practical gift for children of all ages.

Our proposals are interesting gifts that will satisfy everyone's taste. Functional and beautiful. We would like to thank all the brands that took part in the first edition of our gift guide! It is extremely important to support each other in this difficult covid-time. But this is not the end yet because soon the third part of the LiLU gift-guide will be available!  And today we wish you pleasant shopping!

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