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Beautiful wicker pull cart

Polish product, woven from Polish wicker, very durable and resistant.

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A healthy alternative to other toys.

Handcrafted stylish cart for boys and girls aged 1-5 years. It is very capacious and accommodates various types of toys. It is also ideal for storing blocks or other small treasures.

It is bought by parents expecting the highest standards for their children, consciously shaping their sense of aesthetics and uniqueness.

It is an artistic handicraft with perfectly selected details. The cart is woven from Polish wicker by a small team of craftsmen who cultivate the tradition of their predecessors.

Perfectly polished to eliminate sharp edges and thoroughly cleaned before applying water paint, which does not contain any toxic ingredients. Such preparation of the surface makes the pram safe for the child and keeps its beautiful appearance for a long time. The paint is unique because it is made to our specifications. It does not fade with time and adheres perfectly to wicker, which makes it a toy for years - it does not need to be refreshed and even next generations of children can play with it.

Dimensions of a cart:

height 28 cm,

width 33 cm,

length 44 cm.

+/- 1,5cm

Our paints are certified by the National Institute of Public Health.

Handmade, 100% wicker. Use by children in the presence of a guardian.

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